The origin of the band name

The word BLOOD has the meanings "origin" and "pureblood", and from each of the members' various musical roots, we aim for a type of pureblood music that can only be done by BLOOD. It also has the meaning "violent emotion", and we pursue the expression of people's various strong emotions.


Band concept

BLOOD are an art group composed of musicians with a producer's aim, pursuing their own music and world view. kiwamu, who not only handles song writing, programming, and guitar, but also the artwork; kaede, who contributes with bass and synth-bass and his sense in the visual aspects of the band, and who also writes lyrics. These two are the center, and with the help of the storytelling vocals of fu-ki and the guest member , the formation and members change with each song. With the participation of guest musicians and the absence of a fixed form in the band, they create songs that boldly destroy a musical "frame".