Comments on Yumemi Festival organizer Bekrar Mounia

Recently we performed at Yumemi Festival, having received an invitation to do so. However, because the amount for our travel expenses as agreed upon in our written contract was not paid, all the necessary equipment for our live was not provided, and the number of hotel rooms we required was not reserved, we suffered a great deal of trouble.

The organizer, Bekrar Mounia, insisted that she had paid our travel expenses via bank deposit transfer a month in advance. However, she did not show us the details of the transfer when it was made, and because she told us nothing but lies, discussing the matter proved pointless. When we finally inquired at the bank, we were told that no such transfer had been made.

Before the live, we received the written contract with her signature and a memorandum saying she would pay the remainder of our travel expenses. Her failure to pay the amount agreed upon in the written contract is a criminal offense.

Thanks to the fans and staff, the live ended without incident, but as we have gathered all the legally valid documents and evidence, the French staff and BLOOD will be taking legal measures against this person.